Navigate North: Thank you sponsors!

Navigate North was a great success. Not only because of the fantastic organization committee, but mainly because of our sponsors. Thanks to you we have been able to collect more than € 38,000. A fantastic result. 

Below you can see the various company logo with link to their website address. Please visit their websites to find out about the interesting products and services they offer.

And of course, many thanks also to our friends and family:

  • Marcel, Nynke, Aniek and Wout Wilmink;
  • Nicole, Leon, Kai, Noah and Mika Kersten;
  • Karel de Graaf;
  • Andrew, Fabienne, Jasmine and Kenneth Vosselman;
  • Richard and Eveline Densen;
  • Thomas and Elin de Waal;
  • Patrick, Esther, Axel, Finette Cobussen;
  • Hans, Angelique, Paula, Raymon, Daan and Tom Visser;
  • Annemieke, Robin and Sanne de Waal;
  • Yvonne and Wim Verbeek;
  • Karin, Jeroen, Emma en Louise van der Vossen;
  • Jos and Peet Tielen;
  • Feri Roseboom and Anouk Suwout;
  • Karin Eikmans and Rutger Muurling;
  • Paul and Anja Schrevel;
  • Mark de Graaf;
  • Hans de Rijk;
  • Paul and Erna Meerwijk;
  • Albert Brecheisen;
  • Monique and Martin Linders;
  • Frank Mesander;
  • Louis Uunk;
  • Carla Hamminga.