The project in Kalwala 2

The dining hall has nearly been completed. Because of some technical misfortune the construction took longer than expected. One should realize however that the people in Kalwala had no experience with buildings of this size. Up to now the only constructions that have been built are 5 to 6 meters wide and have a roof construction of wooden beams. Keeping this in mind the construction of the dining hall is certainly something to be proud of!

The realization of the dining hall and the kitchen has been made possible because of the financial support of the foundation School Support and Beyond(link is external).

Because it was exam time for the form fives the dining hall was temporarily in use as exam hall. Because of that students were obliged to collect food at the kitchen.

During the meeting with parents it was decided that highest priority would be given to the construction of dormitories for the girls and boys that come from too far to return to their homes every day. This will therefor be our next project.