Emmanuel is 26 years old, his mother has worked for the orphan home in Kalwala Village for a long time but she passed away last year. Emmanuel has taken over her work successfully. Besides this he also took over the care of his grandparents and his sister. Emmanuel has thought carefully about what he wants with his life and how he is going to achieve that. He wants to become a teacher and therefore he must follow an education for three years. He can apply for a scholarship from the government, that will cover a part of the training costs. He also wants to keep chickens to make sure his grandparents and sister are maintained when he is at school. In the third year of the training he can start working and earn some money himself.

Emmanuel has a solid plan in mind that he told us passionately, he could answer any question we asked him. That’s why School Support & Beyond wants to support Emmanuel in achieving his goals in life. We will therefore pay the necessary remaining part of his training. We will keep you informed of his progress by regular updates on this website.